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  2. “We don’t need no reservations….” — March 19, 2012
  3. AUNTYJI — March 13, 2012
  4. In Praise of Emancipated Males — March 7, 2012
  5. “Pushpa, I hate tears” — March 5, 2012

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Well Developed Chests Wanted

When I saw the headline ‘Well Developed Chests Wanted’, emblazoned across the pages of a national daily (DNA, Mar 23rd) I thought to myself, ‘Omigosh! The cat is finally out of the bag. An anthropological fact I have long suspected has finally been unveiled by some social survey!’ That, Indian men have a fixation for …

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“We don’t need no reservations….”

 Two disturbing pieces of news around the time of International Women’s Day, created a lot of heartburn for me, as I am sure they must have done for many of you. Ironically, one effort was to reward women and the other was to safeguard them but both ended up causing huge harm to women and …

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In the west the expression aunty or aunt is used mostly in a derogatory sense, often implying the fossilized nature of the addressee. In our ex motherland the prefix aunt conjures up an image of old white haired ladies in tweeds, pruning roses in quaint villages like St Mary’s Mead and serving scones to ravenous …

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In Praise of Emancipated Males

Do you remember the film Abhimaan? Essentially it was the story of a man’s ego and his inability to deal with his wife’s success. So Amitabh Bachchan is a super successful pop singer and when his wife Jaya, an accomplished singer in her own right, starts becoming more successful and popular, there is a breakup in the …

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“Pushpa, I hate tears”

Most men can’t handle women crying. They get all muddled and hassled and upset when they see women weep. It doesn’t matter how angry or irritated they had been to begin with; in the face of tears, all men become completely helpless. Indeed the strongest man will wilt under any onslaught of the liquid kind. …

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Eeks! Look, Men are turning into Women!

Hi folks, With so many new subscribers coming on to Women At Work over the last few days, friends and advisors felt that many of the new readers might not have had a chance to read the older posts, so here’s one of my favourite ones to keep you going over the weekend.Back again with a new one …

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Taking Advantage of Privileges

The elephant in the room while discussing empowerment of women is whether women take undue advantage of the special privileges that companies offer them, and does that then bring into play a sort of reverse bias? Nobody likes to talk about this fact lest it be seen as politically incorrect and reflect badly on the …

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Curves are IN

One of my skinny friends was told by her husband recently that it would be a very good idea for her to put on some weight and display some curves. Quite coincidentally this conversation happened a few minutes after they had watched The Dirty Picture. A die hard fan of the Vogue variety of women up …

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Pieces of Your Heart

A young lady walked up to me at an HRD conference recently,and shared the heartburn she faces every morning on leaving a clinging two and a half year old behind,when she goes to work.She was nearly in tears, re-living her daughter’s distress while narrating the story. I wanted to console her,but what could I say? It …

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Eve and the Apple

Apart from doing sleazy, despicable things like watching porn during the assembly proceedings, Karnataka’s Minister of Women and Child Welfare, (Oh, the irony of it!) was also in the news for his comments on how women should not dress provocatively if they want to avoid sexual harassment. He is amongst a long list of politicians/college …

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