Stresses – His and Hers!

What stresses him out

1. Will Arsenal ever win the championship and will Arsene Wenger ever have enough money to buy Fabregas?
2. Whether the newspaper is folded precisely at the seams or not after we have finished reading it?
4. Is the car parked perfectly in the center of the yellow parking lines and is the rear view mirror completely aligned with the wheels and the wheels completely aligned with the lamp post next to the car and so on…
5. The fact that there are only 97 bottles of single malt left in his bar
6. Is there enough soda in the fridge at any given time and for any given emergency, like his friends or brother descending on us unexpectedly?

What stresses me out

1. Do we have enough balance in the account for the next EMI?
2. Has the rent for the house been given and the electricity bill paid?
3. Should we call the driver on the weekend or not?
4. Where will we stay when we retire?
5. What career will son and heir decide on?
6. Is aforesaid son and heir in control of his semester grades in faraway land where he has gone to study? Is he eating enough? Dressing warmly?

Given that his stresses are more global in nature or perhaps more life- altering ones, like the car not being parked in exact alignment to the longitude, while mine are rather mundane and limited in a very narrow and selfish manner to immediate family needs and thus far less noble; I understand why he needs to go and play golf to de- stress while I am supposed to ‘just stop nagging and chill…’

I completely get the difference. I really do. Won’t you get tenser when you have to pick (along with Arsene Wenger) the next Arsenal team which could potentially win the European Cup? Or should you get more harassed with the fact that there is a bandh tomorrow and therefore how will you go and pick up your mom from the airport? There is really no comparison , is there ?