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Only dead fish go with the flow!

The recent Wonder Woman movie is a rage, both at the box office, and critic ratings. It has, in fact, gone on to become DC’s highest grossing movie. Kudos Gal Gadot! What struck me the most about the movie is the fact that Diana returns, finally, to a home, satisfied in knowing the truth of …

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Sunny Side Up

  A young girl who was applying for jobs during campus placement was categorically told by her parents “You can leave home to go to any city except Delhi!” A friend agonized deeply before accepting a transfer to Delhi, despite it being a better role, just because he has a young daughter. Another friend worries …

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Stone Age Man

I bumped into a batch mate after 20 odd years at a crowded airport lounge. In a large herd of self important males who studied with me at the institute, he was the king. After the usual exchange of pleasantries, and him portentously informing me that he was Head of Sales of a Tractor company …

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