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Only dead fish go with the flow!

The recent Wonder Woman movie is a rage, both at the box office, and critic ratings. It has, in fact, gone on to become DC’s highest grossing movie. Kudos Gal Gadot! What struck me the most about the movie is the fact that Diana returns, finally, to a home, satisfied in knowing the truth of …

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What is your DQ ? – 2

Apropos last week’s post on the diversity quotient, I received a very interesting point of view from Nidhi Lall who says, “What a wonderful topic… and so ‘today’… I was thinking just the other day about this in the context of age……I was thinking, however, how comfortable would I be if I ever had a …

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What is your DQ?

I was recently invited to speak at ISB –Hyderabad at one of their Business forums.The interesting difference at this particular event was the remarkable mix of people in the audience;so there were women entrepreneurs,middle-aged uncles with strong points of view,fascinating aunties who nodded and agreed with many things I said,and looked as if they could …

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