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Only dead fish go with the flow!

The recent Wonder Woman movie is a rage, both at the box office, and critic ratings. It has, in fact, gone on to become DC’s highest grossing movie. Kudos Gal Gadot! What struck me the most about the movie is the fact that Diana returns, finally, to a home, satisfied in knowing the truth of …

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Mamatha’s paintings

She stood there quietly amidst the entire hullabaloo around her. With a tentative smile directed towards the passers- by who were strolling around that Sunday morning at the art fair being held on the footpath of a leafy road of Bangalore. A few people stopped for a minute to admire her paintings, some gazes lingered …

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“We don’t need no reservations….”

 Two disturbing pieces of news around the time of International Women’s Day, created a lot of heartburn for me, as I am sure they must have done for many of you. Ironically, one effort was to reward women and the other was to safeguard them but both ended up causing huge harm to women and …

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