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Only dead fish go with the flow!

The recent Wonder Woman movie is a rage, both at the box office, and critic ratings. It has, in fact, gone on to become DC’s highest grossing movie. Kudos Gal Gadot! What struck me the most about the movie is the fact that Diana returns, finally, to a home, satisfied in knowing the truth of …

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In Praise of Emancipated Males

Do you remember the film Abhimaan? Essentially it was the story of a man’s ego and his inability to deal with his wife’s success. So Amitabh Bachchan is a super successful pop singer and when his wife Jaya, an accomplished singer in her own right, starts becoming more successful and popular, there is a breakup in the …

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Taking Advantage of Privileges

The elephant in the room while discussing empowerment of women is whether women take undue advantage of the special privileges that companies offer them, and does that then bring into play a sort of reverse bias? Nobody likes to talk about this fact lest it be seen as politically incorrect and reflect badly on the …

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